Women in the Battle Testimonies

My life before coming to this workshop was pure chaos! I was cycling in shock. My anger about my husband’s (undisclosed acting out) has been haunting my mind and causing me deep shame and sadness. I could barely function and was experiencing physical and emotional distress. This workshop has been exactly what I needed. It has helped me formulate a plan to empower me as I wait for my husband’s disclosure and God’s will for my marriage. It has given me a support system. I am leaving this weekend with compassion for my husband, as his sin is also covered in the blood of Jesus. I am leaving with a plan for my safety and hope for my future with or without the marriage. If you are considering this workshop, just know that you are worthy! This weekend will provide you help and guidance to make choices for your life. – Kathy

My life before coming to this workshop was hidden in the shadows. I was going through the motions and preparing another mask to cover the pain and shame that comes with the infidelity. This weekend has been an intensive journey of  self-discovery. A time to release my negative thought process. A peeling away of a battered layer of anger, hurt, pain, and self-loathing. I am leaving this workshop with a sense of hope, and a stronger realization that God will work this out for good. – Jessica

Before coming to this workshop I felt like I was going to lose my mind. I was feeling like God was punishing me. I was afraid of my marriage failing and I didn’t know that I had rights. This weekend has been so meaningful. This workshop has been the best gift I have ever had. I have received clarity, resources and strength from women who are going through the same thing. I am so grateful. Thank you New Life for my scholarship to this workshop! It has been such an avenue of hope, restoration, and above all affirmation that God’s love is genuine. – Cecilia

Before attending Women in the Battle, I was isolated and lonely and in need of direction. I needed help with the next step. This weekend has been a very full and unforgettable experience. I am leaving stronger, with a new, fresh hope and direction to continue in my healing process. In addition, I have a great group of support to help me on my journey. I know it is not easy for women to get here, but somehow save up the money and carve out the time to come to this workshop for yourself. You deserve it! – Ann

My life felt like it had blown-up! Forty two years of my husband lying about his pornography addiction left me frozen in despair. I had no support. This weekend has been illuminating, and such a relief to be able to talk to other women about it who know about my pain. I am leaving with the knowledge that I will be okay. The road is long but I don’t have to travel it alone. If you are considering this workshop, go! Don’t wait for things to “get better.” – Linda

Before coming to this workshop I was frozen/stuck. I felt forgotten by God, bound, and unworthy knowing my-husband didn’t fight for us-for me. This weekend has been a reminder that I am loved by God. He has not forgotten me, and I know have the language to express how I feel. I have been empowered. For any woman considering this workshop, I would encourage her to come. You will be ripped open so that healing can begin. You will not regret it. – Lisa

Before coming to this weekend, I was living in an isolated prison of pain and suffering. I thought God had given up on me. I discovered my husband’s sex addiction in 2009 and we received inadequate care. I lived with the illusion that he was sober for 6 years and discovered recently a far more devastating problem than in 2009. I have worked recovery from 2009 through 2015, but didn’t understand he wasn’t. My whole life blew up-porn, prostitutes, and serial hook-ups. I am stuck in helplessness and shame. This workshop has been deeply healing. I thank God for the connection with other women to let go of my isolation and anger at God. I rested, connected, cried, learned, and laughed. I received a respite from my painful PTSD symptoms. I am leaving this workshop with my heart softened and compassion for my husband. I have hope and tools for the future. I have a realistic view of what work is ahead. But I know that I am not alone. If you have been betrayed, come to this workshop. Step past the fear and doubt and get rest, care, and tools for your own recovery. You are worth it. This isn’t spiritual and emotional hype. You’ll receive real healing, community, and tools. – Linda

My life before coming to this workshop was filed with turmoil. My pastor husband had lost his job and moved away from me and the kids. I felt helpless, alone, and lost. Sometime the fear was paralyzing. This weekend has been refreshing, grounding, renewing, and equipping. I have been surrounded love and acceptance, filled with truth, and given hope. I am leaving this weekend with the conviction that I am not alone. Regardless of the rest of my marriage story, I know that the Lord is with me and I will be okay. Any woman who comes to this workshop will be loved, understood, equipped, and given hope. – Kristin

My husband had an affair with the wife of our pastor. I was told to keep quiet by my husband, the pastor, his wife, and other board members, or I would bring the whole church down. I have been so sad, angry, hurt, rejected by my husband and my church. I have lost trust in most anyone that has to do with a church. This weekend has been so freeing. I am not crazy, ugly, worthless, unloved. Although I am sad for the other women in this battle, I am so grateful to have heard their stories and to know there are others like me needing help! I got that help and I feel ready to go on with my life. I am leaving this workshop with positive thoughts and feelings. I feel like I am ready to continue working on my marriage. But mostly, that I am a child of the one true King! – Julie

My 16 year marriage crumbled 8 months ago when my husband committed adultery with my best friend. We were worship pastors and led worship together since we were 17 years old. So in a very short period of time, I lost my husband, ministry, friend, and the church fell apart. For 8 months we have been separated. We have 3 children. I want to reconcile but he does not. He is proceeding with a divorce. I am crushed. I do not want to let go. With so many deaths all at once, I have felt like I am going crazy. This weekend has been so eye opening. I never viewed my husband as a sex addict. I always felt that it was my fault. But I now know it’s not. I now know that even if my marriage becomes a casualty, my life doesn’t have to be. I have learned that I am a woman of worth. That I am enough and I am the daughter of a king who pursues and loves me unconditionally. I am leaving this workshop with: Hope that there is life even after trauma and tragedy; Sisters in Christ who will be friends for life and support for my wounded soul; Peace because I know coming to Women in the Battle has given me the tools I need to more than survive this trauma. I will thrive! If you are a woman who has been betrayed you have to come to this workshop. This is what the body of Christ is supposed to look like. So many broken women yet so much ministry and hope being brought to broken lives. It’s worth every single penny! – Jessica

Before coming to this workshop, I was unsure of myself. I felt insignificant and badly hurt and rejected. I was unsure of anything, but I knew I had to get on with my life, but how? Since coming to this weekend, I now feel loved on and know without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus loves me for me and I am more than enough. Now I have a battle plan for me! I am leaving this workshop holding my head up high and looking forward to life in a positive way. I have 6 new sisters that I can be accountable to. – Susan

My life before coming this weekend was in an uproar, chaotic and lost. But now I understand what I have been battling for years with my husband. Now I don’t feel I was crazy and that is so freeing! This weekend has been such an eye opener to understanding what a huge  problem sex addiction is, and the sadness that so many women have to experience because of it. I am leaving this weekend knowing that I am not crazy, and that my inner voice was right. I have gained a new freedom to let go of my husband (roommate) and start living again how God wants me to be. – Patti

Since learning about my husband’s sexual integrity issues 3 months ago, I have experienced depression, grief, and tremendous loss. The pain has been overwhelming. This weekend has been exhausting, both physically and emotionally. However, what I have experienced was worth it. I have learned about the impact of betrayal and its trauma experience. I have met some beautiful, awesome women with whom I have been able to be vulnerable, share my story, learn from, and cry with. This weekend has been empowering. I am leaving this weekend with hope. Hope for my healing and for the restoration of my marriage. I also leave with tools and a plan to continue on a path of recovery. I have new resources to aid in this journey and new support from women with whom I share a bond because of our spouses’ sexual  betrayal. I would tell any woman who has been sexually betrayed, don’t hesitate, attend WITB. Invest in yourself, your healing. You won’t leave the same. – Melinda

Before coming to this weekend, I was sad, untrusting, and depressed. But this weekend, has been a weekend I will never forget! It is the beginning of getting myself and my life back. I am leaving with new plans, more options, and great friends. I would describe this WITB  weekend as: RELEASING, UNDERSTANDING, BONDING, INFORMATIVE, AWESOME! – Margaret

Before coming to WITB, I was full of fear and anxiety about my situation and my future. I felt really unworthy and lost. I would have moments of empowerment, but the anger, sadness, and terror would resurface and take me out. This workshop has been such an essential part of my healing. I no longer feel isolated and ashamed. I feel empowered again as a woman. If my husband stays in recovery and we stay married, great. But if he doesn’t choose to stay in recovery, I know that I will be okay. I am a winner either way. Leaving WITB I have a stronger relationship in Christ and a fundamental belief that I am worthy. – Carole

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