Why Give?


Why Should I Donate?

When you make a financial gift to New Life, you make it possible for hurting people to experience the transformation that comes from “the renewing of your mind,” that the apostle Paul speaks of in Romans 12:2. People experience that transformation through various avenues:

  • Through our daily radio program
  • Through a national network of licensed, Christian counselors
  • Through our life-changing, weekend workshops
  • Through our resources—the books and CD’s we offer as premiums and for sale in our on-line bookstore.
  • Most importantly, what we do is made possible through the power of God’s Holy Spirit, and we give God all the honor and glory for each life He transforms through the work we do.

Ways to Give

  • On-line, using your credit card or PayPal
  • Call us at 800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433)
  • Mail a check to New Life at P.O. Box 1029, Lake Forest, CA 92609
  • Create an e-check to send funds electronically.
  • A one time gift
  • Join our Club New Life Monthly Membership
  • Give to our Scholarship Fund
  • Donate a gift of appreciated stock
  • Donate a gift of real estate or other assets
  • Remember us when you do your estate planning
  • Designate New Life Ministries as your charitable cause when you shop at Amazon.com

New Life’s Philosophy of Fundraising:

We see fundraising as a form of ministry. Through fundraising we share our mission and vision and invite you into it. Our mission is to help you experience a transformed life based on God’s truth. And we believe that transformation leads to a generous spirit, and a generous spirit results in a blessed life.

When those with money and those who need money share a mission, signs of new life appear. We see that every day. And it is with confidence built through seeing God’s hand on this ministry for more than 25 years that we invite you to invest yourself in New Life through the resources that God has given you—your energy, your prayers, and your money. Our invitation is clear and confident because we trust that our mission and vision are “like trees planted by streams of water, which yield their fruit in season, and their leaves do not wither.” (Psalm 1:3)

Giving to New Life gives you an opportunity to participate in the spirit of what we are about. When you give, we don’t see it as a successful transaction, we see it as the beginning or building of a relationship.

In asking for financial support, we will make our needs known, and we will remind you what the results of your giving produce. We will also remind you that God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7), and if you can’t give cheerfully, if you don’t feel God has prepared you to make a gift or commitment to give at this time, then you shouldn’t give. We will not attempt to guilt you into giving nor to make you feel bad if you don’t give.

We believe God honors the heart and sacrifice of the giver, not the dollar amount of the gift.

One of our core values at New Life is connection. We ask for money, and we also attempt to connect with you, get to know you, and to love you. We pray that through our invitation to you to give and the relationship we develop with you, you will draw closer to God. We also believe in expressing gratitude to our donors. Every month, each staff member makes phone calls to say thank you to those who donate, with no agenda other than to say thank you and to create connection.

We are a ministry that strives to make each dollar you give go a long way. We don’t believe in extravagance; we see money as God’s gift for us to manage in order to further the purpose and mission of New Life, not for our own personal pleasure.


This ministry has helped my marriage; I’ve learned how to come alongside my husband, and use what I’ve learned from our own

challenges to help others deal with similar situations. The biblical guidance, THE BOYS and Dr Jill help me grow as a wife, mom, daughter and friend. Thank you for your ministry.Karen

New Life has helped many begin the journey of healing. In these uncertain times, I am sure they will continue to be a voice of reason and help people to stay focused despite what is happening around them. Keep up the good work..and always be blessed.Dan


You all ‘literally’ helped me raise my two girls after my husband divorced me 9 years ago. And you also helped me through the process of that divorce so much so, that I’m completely healed and so content in the Lord. He has, and continues to do an awesome work through your wonderful ministry and I still learn new things each time I listen. WHEN I get a job (I will) I plan to become a regular contributor to your ministry. Thank you from the bottom of a mothers heart and God Bless all of you! Louise

I’ve been listening to New Life Live for years and donating when I can. They are topnotch Christians who’ve proved that modern psychology AND Christianity do have a real place together. And to me, that is as it truly has been in my life. – Fish

God has blessed me so much and i want to bless others as He did to me. May God bless and continue to guide your mission work.Sumako

A young Christian woman I’ve known for 25 years has had a rough time over the last 5 years. She came out of a divorce, a stronger person and a much stronger Christian than when she entered the marriage, thanks to good Christian counseling, hard work, an open heart, and guidance and support from the (New Life Live) radio program. She means a great deal to me — more than she’ll ever know. It makes me smile to know how happy and confident she is in Jesus’ loving arms. Jim