Intimacy in Marriage Testimonies

I was perpetually frustrated and bitter toward my wife. Our sex was unsatisfying, infrequent, and emotionally disconnected. This weekend has been eye opening and revealing. God has given us a great gift and a window to see what a connected intimate marriage can be. I am leaving this workshop with a new language, framework, and tool kit for engaging my wife and my own wounds and needs. – Keith

I had all but given up at any chance of having a happy marriage. This weekend has been a journey into a discovery of some truths I needed to hear and a much better understanding of what makes my husband tick. I am leaving with a renewed love for my husband, hope and the tools I need to do my part. I also have an understanding of my husband that I didn’t have before. – Jeri

This weekend has been one of the most helpful teaching, learning, practicing workshops that I have been to, of any kind. – Robert

Before coming to this weekend, my wife and I were not connecting and had built large walls between us. This weekend has been a major breakthrough. We are talking, holding each other. I’m smiling and so is she. There is hope! This weekend softened my heart, it can work for you as well. – David

I knew that we had to change. I was completely shut down and lost hope for our marriage. Our patterns owned us and we could not break the cycle. This weekend has been redeeming! I have hope. We have a vision and purpose for our marriage that we never had before. We have a better understanding of each other and now with God’s help, we can overcome the issues that plagued our marriage and personal growth. – Cierra

Before coming to the Intimacy Intensive I was in a crisis mode and my marriage was suffering from lack of communication, not experiencing intimacy and headed in the wrong direction. On Saturday afternoon of the weekend, we experienced a God moment, that gave us a break through. I am leaving the workshop with hope, optimism for the future, and a fresh understanding of my wife’s heart. – Mike

Before this workshop I was losing hope that our marriage could be anything except disconnected roommates with the same last name. I loved my husband but I needed, wanted to be connected and intimate. I wanted a sex life. But I thought there could be nothing more for the rest of my life. This weekend I realized that I was just as much of a contributor to our disconnection as my husband. I found my own responsibility in robbing my husband of my heart and my presence by not trusting him with my thoughts and feelings. I am leaving the weekend with profound peace, knowing that my husband and I are on the right path by being vulnerable with each other, in spite of how uncomfortable it makes us feel. – Margaret

I doubted that this weekend would make any difference in a sexual relationship on life support. This weekend has been transformative with hope and spiritual enlightenment. I am leaving with tools to strengthen my marriage foundation, which I have confidence will lead to holistic sexual fulfillment. – Tom

This workshop has given the most straightforward holistic information on marriage, intimacy and sex I have ever heard. – Ray