The Art of Acceptance

Come to terms with God and be at peace;  in this way good will come to you. – Job 22:21


Sometimes, we must accept life on its terms, not our own. Life has a way of unfolding, not as we will, but as it will. And sometimes, there is precious little we can do to change things.

When events transpire that are beyond our control, we have a choice: we can either learn the art of acceptance, or we can make ourselves miserable as we struggle to change the unchangeable.

We must entrust the things we cannot change to God. Once we have done so, we can prayerfully and faithfully tackle the important work that He has placed before us: doing something about the things we can change . . . and doing it sooner rather than later.

Can you summon the courage and the wisdom to accept life on its own terms? If so, you’ll most certainly be rewarded for your good judgment.

– Steve Arterburn

Surrender to the Lord is not a tremendous sacrifice, not an agonizing performance. It is the most sensible thing you can do. – Corrie Ten Boom

He does not need to transplant us into a different field. He transforms the very things that were before our greatest hindrances, into the chief and most blessed means of our growth. No difficulties in your case can baffle Him. Put yourself absolutely into His hands, and let Him have His own way with you. – Elisabeth Elliot

Ultimately things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out. – Barbara Johnson

Father, the events of this world unfold according to a plan that I cannot fully understand. But You understand. Help me to trust You, Lord, even when I am grieving. Help me to trust You even when I am confused. Today, in whatever circumstances I find myself, let me trust Your will and accept Your love . . . completely. Amen

Building Character In Silence

Steve Arterburn

Be silent before the Lord and wait expectantly for Him. Psalm 37:7 HCSB

Here’s a simple little prescription for character-building: carve out a little time for silence every day. Here in our noisy, 21st-century world, silence is highly underrated. Many of us can’t even seem to walk from the front door to the street without a cell phone or an iPOD in our ear. The world seems to grow louder day by day, and our senses seem to be invaded at every turn. But, if we allow the distractions of a clamorous society to separate us from God’s peace, we do ourselves a profound disservice. So if we’re wise, we make time each day for quiet reflection. And when we do, we are rewarded.

Do you take time each day for an extended period of silence? And during those precious moments, do you sincerely open your heart to your Creator? If so, you will be blessed. If not, then the struggles and stresses of everyday living may rob you of the peace that should rightfully be yours because of your personal relationship with Christ. So take time each day to quietly commune with your Creator. When you do, those moments of silence will enable you to participate more fully in the only source of peace that endures: God’s peace.

If the pace and the push, the noise and the crowds are getting to you, it’s time to stop the nonsense and find a place of solace to refresh your spirit. Charles Swindoll

Silence is as fit a garment for devotion as any other language. C. H. Spurgeon

Jesus taught us by example to get out of the rat race and recharge our batteries. Barbara Johnson

Growth takes place in quietness, in hidden ways, in silence and solitude. The process is not accessible to observation. Eugene Peterson

The Lord Jesus, available to people much of the time, left them, sometimes a great while before day, to go up to the hills where He could commune in solitude with His Father. Elisabeth Elliot   Character builder

Want to talk to God? Then don’t make Him shout. If you really want to hear from God, go to a quiet place and listen. If you keep listening long enough and carefully enough, He’ll start talking.