Start a Healing is a Choice Group


Start a Healing is a Choice Group

  1. Gather a few friends, co-workers or whomever God brings in your path, together to create a group.
  2. Order your group materials by calling 1-800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433). For this group, you will need the Healing is a Choice book. The workbook is included.
  3. Select a day, place and time to meet. The meeting place can be your home, church, or a community building.
  4. Check out special resource materials to help you lead and promote your group, such as: Sample Calendars, Week by Week Summaries, digital and Print Flyers to promote your group, Facilitator Guides, Registration capability to help connect local people with your Life group and much more. Find more resources below.
  5. Determine if there will be a cost associated to your group based on how many are going to be involved in the group and the cost of the materials per person.

Register Your Group

Registering your group has proven to be a great resource for people looking to connect with peers who are seeking healing and community. Your group may be the answer to someone’s prayers: someone looking for a group to help them with a particular need; someone looking for greater connection.

Healing Is A Choice Resources: