New Life Live: September 3, 2015


Topics: Marriage, Abandonment, Betrayal, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Intimacy, Pornography, Controllers
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Dr. Sheri Keffer

Caller Questions:

  1. My husband of 35yrs is off doing his own thing; what do I do?
  2. How do I deal with the betrayal of my husband leaving our family 7mos ago?
  3. I grew up thinking it was normal to be fondled; how do I heal?
  4. There has been no sex in my marriage for 10mos, and I am using pornography; now what?
  5. My husband says he left because I am controlling but still calls and comes around; how do I save the marriage?

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  1. Yesterday a lady called it about her 12 yr. old daughter cutting herself. The mother said she felt there might be some kind of demonic influences in her daughter’s life. Steve Arterburn “poo-poo” that.
    I think A LOT of Steve Arterburn & NLL, I think God uses him & NLM to minister to a TON of folks (including myself!) But God has shown me over & over again in my own life that no matter who I seek for guidance on my journey through life my ultimate trust & direction must come from God. I’m guessing that Steven Arterburn has some knowledge regarding demonic spirits but is not an expert on the subject. All I ask is that this mother ask God to glean from Steve’s advice and if there is any demonic activity in her daughter’s life that God bring the right people, places or things to help her daughter break free from them. Steve Arterburn may be right on and that there is no demonic activity, (but emotional & mental health issues), I just think it’s really important to double checks things with God no matter where we get advice from. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, Robin, please, what in the world are you waiting for from this man who is disrespecting you, could care less about you, does not love you, is cheating on you, lies to you, good heavens lady where are your morals?? I mean after 30 some odd years it’s obvious that you don’t even care for yourself. This man is so used to walking all over you until it feels good to you, he is using you and you continue to be there for him to walk on. Not sure what lies in your path of pain but you gotta get it together and STOP this man from walking all over you. Please seek counseling and a good support group, please start living your life WITHOUT this man. You have made enough excuses for this man and you continue to deny true facts about him. I’ll pray for you Robin but you MUST do something to help yourself as well. The show gave you some brutal truths please take heed and get on with your life. It’s all on you – how much do you really love yourself?? Really.

    • Men rely on women who will put up with this. It’s women who are the problem, ever since Adam and Eve. Eve believes the lies, then Adam blames her and somehow feels justified in cheating on her, walking all over women and talking down to them as if they are doormats.

      • I don’t know if that came out right. It seems women always overlook the red flags, and lie to themselves. It seems to me in the current times that women are learning the hard way that relying on a man for love is not working. Everyone keeps looking for love in all the wrong places, (as said in the old Johnny Lee song.) Is this part of God’s plan for women to learn that men are not the heroes they fooled us into believing they were?

  3. Wow, Steve you are so right about the advice you gave to Michelle (2nd caller), God bless you for your honesty to her, to me, and to the listeners. Thank you. She needs to stop fooling herself and stop sitting there waiting until her husband decides to come back to her to work on their marriage. My goodness, that was about the best advice I’ve heard in a long time and you guys really rock with your wisdom and advice and encouragement. Her husband is enjoying the life he has without her. I will pray for her too, but in the meantime, I’d advise her to sign those divorce papers and call his bluff because he is really toying with her. Thank you for the advice and I pray she too takes heed. Blessings to you.

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