New Life Live: September 1, 2015


Topics: Adult Children, Forgiveness, Jealousy, Reconciliation, Guilt
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Dave Stoop, Dr. Jill Hubbard

Caller Questions:

  1. My adult daughter is upset that I am a better grandmother than I was a mother.
  2. Was it wrong to be friends with a male knowing my separated husband is the jealous type?
  3. Should I end the relationship with a neighbor who falsely accused me of coming on to her husband?
  4. How do I rid myself of the guilt of a failed marriage that was my fault?

Suggested Resources:
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Healing Is a Choice

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  1. Why aren’t the archives being updated?
    last archive is August 5

    • Hi Herb,

      Please make sure to refresh your browser. It may require a browser/history/cookie cleaning. You can google how to do this for whatever browser you are using by using the terms – “how to clear browser cache for (insert your browser here)”. Our archives are automatically uploaded daily. Hope that helps!

      Carmen from New Life

  2. Amen !!! They need to update archives AND do it regularly. I don’t think they read these posts we send. Other listeners read them, but I don’t think anyone at new life reads them.

    • Alita;
      It can be frustrating indeed in today’s world of social media.( Especially for an old guy like me who remembers his phone # growing up BR 3-1212 ).
      I’m praying for you because i too struggle with impatience …
      In Jesus’ name amen.

  3. I can see a current archives list. I think the issue must be with your internet connection or better yet your software program…..

  4. From the character that New Life shows, I’d figure that someone there does read all feedback to the show, whether in these posts or otherwise. As in comment #3, I always see a current archives list on my computer. To specify, the issue could be your Operating System, particularly the browser versions linked to the OS.

  5. I can see a current archives list too!
    They update the list each weekday. I know because I come on here
    daily to listen to the prior day’s show.
    Thank you, New Life!

  6. I noticed that on my phone the archives are not updated, but on my computer they are so I definitely think it depends on your device

  7. Sometimes a user needs to keep cookies etc. sometimes not. I sometimes find that a hot cup of Java is needed with certain browsers, so amen to Jo. The Google Chrome people might want to consider update their browser often.

  8. What in the world is a Smart Radio App? I was in the 5th grade onest.

  9. About the call from Leann: I wonder if the neighbors are in a sick relationship and the husband made up stuff to make his wife insecure and make himself look desirable If I found out a man tried to make me look cheap to make himself look desirable to his wife, I would never talk to him again, not even acknowledge his existence. Neighbor or not, he would cease to exist in my mind, whether I continued to speak to her or not.

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