New Life Live: October 2, 2015


FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: From the Archives of New Life Live, This Show Originally Aired May 14, 2003


Topics: Sexual Abuse, Christian Walk, People Pleaser, Marriage, Drug Addiction
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Henry Cloud

Caller Questions:

  1. I feel like God made men superior to women and caused sexual abuse in my family; how do I get close to God again?
  2. Thank you for your Every Woman’s Desire Workshop! [note: this workshop is now called Women In the Battle.]
  3. How does a people pleaser learn to be herself?
  4. My sexually-addicted husband wants us to move across the country; should my pastor talk to him?
  5. Is it time to leave my husband who won’t talk to me and is messing with that crack cocaine?

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People Pleasing CD
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  1. Please let today be the only time we hear the men we respect referred to as “the boys.”

  2. Love, love, love classic Friday idea! Makes me wanna dig out my “I listen to the boys” t-shirt-lol!
    To your comment, Jenny, I listened to ‘the boys’ and I get what you are saying- but it was never said in a disrespectful manner – more as humorous-which I think most of us have and do enjoy along with the Godly wisdom and help we have received . As a long time listener and Club New Life member I can pretty much tell you, on Classic Friday’s, you will be hearing that term a lot!
    Blessings to my fellow listeners and to everyone at New Life!

    • Thanks for taking an interest, Jane. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing. So is a ministry that has, in present day, grown to have many thousands of men in recovery looking to these counselors as role models who consistently challenge them to “stop acting like little boys.” Steve says, at least once every week, that it is hard to respect a man who is acting like a “boy.” At New Life these days, it seems more a derogatory term for a man than a funny one. Something I hope the program will consider.

  3. Looks like Paul Miers in that photo.

  4. Susan (1st caller)- it is very obvious that you have been hurt badly by men or a man. God did not create man to be abusive to women, it’s how the man is/was nurtured in his upbringing and his surrounding and if he was around Godly people. God did not put man on this earth to hurt us, women. Please stop thinking that God put men here to hurt, rape, abuse, or take advantage of women that is so far from the truth, although some men make you wonder please know the nasty negative actions from men is not of God. If a man is acting in such ways it’s because they were probably abused somewhere in their upbringing and didn’t have any guidance what so ever. I pray that your wounds heal and I pray that any man that’s thinking about abusing or misusing anyone God will change his heart.

  5. So good to hear Henry and John team up!

    As for the “boys” — that term should no more be taken seriously than the girls’ nights out enjoyed by my wife and her friends, all mature competent ladies.

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