New Life Live: November 30, 2015


Topics: Marriage, Affair, Forgiveness, Grief, Alcoholics
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard
Guest Host: Jason Martinkus

Caller Questions:

  1. I just found out my husband is in an 8yr affair; do I accept him back?
  2. How can I help a friend who is grieving her unsaved husband’s suicide?
  3. What boundaries can I place on my dry drunk husband who kind of works the program?
  4. Comment: Only God can fix us through fasting and prayer.

Suggested Resources:
Healing Is a Choice
Life Recovery Bible
7 Minute Marriage Solution

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  1. you were wrong for slapping your husband’s mistress, you should have slapped him. Your husband is enjoying the best of both world’s and you’re concern is “should you let him come back home…” are you serious. please gird your loins and stand strong and let your husband know that he was and is wrong for hurting you and the family and just lay the rules down, if he cannot accept the rules and your standards this time…then woe on him. I’ll pray for you. This is a serious situation and your husband needs to do the right thing to show that he can be trusted THIS TIME. I know I would get tested and not jump in the sack with him, at least not right now.

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