New Life Live: May 4, 2016


Topics: Friendship, Narcissists, Medication, Christian Walk, Marriage, Emotional Abuse
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer

Caller Questions:

  1. As a married man, what are some guidelines for friendships with women in the workplace?
  2. How can I help my mom heal? She left her narcissist husband and moved in with me.
  3. My husband does not think it is safe or Christian for me to take Welbutrin; should I just let the Lord heal me?
  4. How do I rebuild a 30yr marriage when I can’t stand my husband?

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  1. I just heard the previous caller asking about the drug for her brain. I understand perfectly that some people have chemical imbalances but I have also seen the other side and the abuse that some doctors have with psychopathic drugs and prescribing them especially on children. How do you explain that? When should a parent tell a doctor that they don’t want their kid on any drugs?

  2. I just heard a caller ask about her Mom’s marriage to her narcissistic/bi-polar stepdad. Your response about her Mom being left as a shell of a person, etc. is exactly what I need for my counselor to hear. I know I could not convey this advice completely. How can I access this 5/4/16 advice to play for my counselor?

    • Figured out the answer to my question! I have no confidence, but kept trying until I saw how to do something a 10 year old could probably easily do. Progress. Thanks.

    • The first time I ever heard the word
      Narcissist was about 4 years ago.
      In my journey in life there has been
      Alot of pain, but there is no greater pain that I have felt
      Like the pain a Narcissistic person can Inflict.
      A narcissistic person doesn’t even have to touch you.
      The mind games they play are so so destructive.
      The shame and guilt is far from anyone being able to carry.
      I know My God never intended, For me to walk this road.
      But he did allow it, to show me who He was and how he is so so different
      From anyone I have ever met in my Entire life. My Jesus took away my guilt
      And my shame forever I am His.
      Yes, I still walk with my Jesus everyday, and slowly
      He brings to my attention the wounds in my life.
      He heals my wounds but first I do know I have to acknowledge
      Them. Yes, I am so far from knowing all the answers. I
      Will continue to grow until He takes me home.
      Jesus has given me a heart for those who have been victim
      To abuse of any form, not Because I have all the answers,
      But because I know the pain, and I also know The Great Healer
      Of my soul. I know who can heal our wounds.

  3. I hope Annica will get away from her self centered husband and learn to be a whole person instead of a stepping stone for her husband.

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