New Life Live: May 25, 2016


Topics: Fear, Forgiveness, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Integrity, Marriage, Texting, Parenting
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Milan Yerkovich and Guest Host Chris Williams

Caller Questions:

  1. Thank you for speaking truth into my life last year when you told me I was living in fear.
  2. I was forced into ritual sexual abuse as a child; how do I forgive all the bad stuff?
  3. How can I convince my wife that I need to go to Every Man’s Battle?
  4. What should we do about finding bad language on my 13yo daughter’s phone?
  5. Comment: My wife was a victim of abuse and the Healing Is a Choice workshop made a big difference.
  6. Comment: Husbands are not leaving and cleaving, so women are dominating marriages now.

Suggested Resources:
Life Recovery Bible
Every Woman’s Battle
How We Love Our Kids
Every Man’s Bible
Every Man’s Marriage

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    It’s 130 in ca. Why can’t I download today’stoday’s recording?=

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