New Life Live: March 30, 2016


Topics: Pornography, Reconnection, Rejection, Grandparenting
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer and Guest Host Jason Martinkus

Caller Questions:

  1. I struggle with pornography and it is affecting our marriage.
  2. Should I continue to pursue a relationship with my sisters even though they want nothing to do with me?
  3. How do I deal with rejection from my family after I stopped partying?
  4. My 8yo grandson told me his best friend is having sex; what should I do?

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  1. Regarding Debbie and her sisters, perhaps her mother felt that the son would benefit from taking care of them, while it would also give the son a sense of responsibility. Instead of the sisters taking it PERSONALLY they should see it differently.

  2. I have a feeling that Regina’s family does not trust her and they probably don’t believe that she has changed. I worked with a guy I liked until I found out he was a womanizer, liar, treated women real bad, and was really out to make an ass of me. I had to reject him and not talk to him anymore. The trust was gone and his past was very flawed, and the fact that he was proud of being a jerk for so long means he is not to be trusted. People to not change overnight, and I think most people are willing to help if someone is really repentant, but if they have put up a wall, then most likely they have learned that person cannot be trusted.

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