New Life Live: July 4, 2016


Topics: Abandonment, Dating, Vacillators, Guilt, Independence, Parenting, Sexual Integrity
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. After two husbands that cheated, how do I stop being needy in dating?
  2. How do I get over feeling guilty about not having a job 2yrs after college?
  3. I don’t agree with my boyfriend on how to handle his 9yo daughter watching porn with my 12yo son.
  4. My narcissist husband has been violent in front of our four sons; what should I do if I do not believe in divorce?

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  1. Hi
    I was listening about the young lady and her live-in boyfriend dealing with the porn being watched by their respective son and daughter.
    You were advising her that moving out is the “right thing”, to set the example for their kids.
    However I did not hear the reason why that’s the right thing.
    Is it pragmatic? It doesn’t work?
    Is it based on societal norm? (Obviously not that)
    Respectfully I want to submit that this was a golden missed opportunity to articulate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this young lady who, as evidenced by her life situation, etc, is at least only nominally Christian, if she is a Christian at all.
    I’m not into judging people’s salvation based on momentary moral lapses (we all have those), but an ongoing sinful lifestyle (like living in a sexually immoral relationship) to me indicates that the person is not feeling any conviction of sin from the Spirit Who indwells every true Christian.
    Practical advice is great. However, don’t you believe at New Life that the Truth of the Gospel is that which all people need as a foundation first for WHY sin is sinful, and then as the transforming power without which all steps toward a moral life ultimately fail, since “without faith it is impossible to please [God]?

    I would just like to know basically:
    Where is the focus on the Gospel and the liberating Truth of Jesus Christ when you encounter needy souls like this precious young lady who is lost in a sea of moral relativism and slavery to sin?

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