New Life Live: July 30, 2015


Topics: Adult Children, Sexual Integrity, Parenting, Depression, Fear
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. John Townsend, Dr. Dave Stoop

Caller Questions:

  1. Did my 25yo son stop communicating with me because I insisted he move out?
  2. After Women In the Battle, what red flags should I look for with my flirty husband?
  3. How can I stop naked images from appearing on my 10yo daughter”s phone?
  4. My husband is depressed and distant; how can I manage the hurt and pain I feel?
  5. Interview with Nicole Johnson, a Women of Faith speaker.
  6. How can I conquer my fear of the dark?

Suggested Resources:
Our Mothers, Ourselves
Worthy of Her Trust
How We Love Our Kids
Boundaries in Marriage
Emotional Freedom Workbook

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  1. Hi On July 9,2015 I called in to the show because I have OCD. I am very fearfull of saying something bad or sexual. Dr. Stoop told me that the more I fear the more nervous I would get and then might be more of a chance of saying something bad. I have guilt and shame with this. But have improved over the last 10 years. They sent me the book of forgiveness which I am reading and getting a lot out of very helpful. Mean while I also ordered a book Rethink how you think and I have learned a lot. How important it is to remember bible verses and repeat them. I knew in the past to do that but Dave really stressed how important it is really is to think about and go over and over till you remember them very good. That has helped me very much and feeling more positive about my situation and not so fearfull. Thank you for everthing I have been listing to your show for 15 years and truly enjoy it.

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