New Life Live: July 28, 2016


Topics: Anger, Forgiveness, Sexual Intimacy, Marriage, Affairs, Avoider, Sexual Addiction
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer

Caller Questions:

  1. I still have lots of anger after being accused of having an affair when I got raped.
  2. We have not had sex for 5yrs because my husband doesn’t like my hair or my weight; what is wrong with this picture?
  3. My avoider husband had an affair; how do I move forward?
  4. How do I respond to a friend who accused me of cheating on him because I was intimate with someone else?

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  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you Sheri for responding to Tia the way you did. WOW! She sounded like it was VERY difficult for her to take in what you said. And I love you Steve very much. I know you have a heart of gold, however, what you said was NOT helpful. Because I have had a LIFETIME of things that had happened to me and due to people, some well meaning, most not , either telling me I could not see clearly, thus what happened to me either did not actually happen or that I was lying and lying and lying was the greatest sin ever or people would simply just look at me with a blank look. I also had a person tell me that what was happening was known by numerous people and they wanted to approach the abuser, however, they thought that things would be worse for me so they didn’t. I was punished every time I opened my mouth and I was TERRIBLY fearful of God, so I went silent. When you do not have the support you need, it seems so utterly hopeless and you end up living in a state of hell, physically and emotionally.

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