New Life Live: July 27, 2016


Topics: Grandparenting, Sexual Abuse, Dating, Grief
Hosts: Dr. Sheri Keffer, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. Our son may have fathered a child prior to going into rehab for a year; what is our responsibility toward the baby?
  2. My fiancée was sexually abused; how can I support her in her recovery?
  3. How do I stop obsessing over the break up with my boyfriend last year?

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Here’s Dr. Sheri with the huge salmon she caught in Alaska during the New Life Alaska Cruise last week.

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  1. I liked Milan’s response to the one-night-stand baby. Why should this woman feel as if she is responsible for her son’s baby. I know of a female did this and left her baby with her parents, then she took off and is still out being a tramp with others as well. Her parents adopted this kid-like one bad decision after another. The baby turned out to be autistic! What a nightmare! Does anyone know where the mother is? Probably not. The father was never known by anyone. Do you think this situation is bringing the parents closer? I doubt it.

  2. Wow Sheri! Great insight about being sucker-punched by a total deceiver. You knew after about 4 seconds, while it took me about 4 months, then another 4 years to get over the hurt, and total confusion he caused. I was also in a similar position, but I asked 4-5 other people who knew him longer than I did. None of their opinions were positive! In fact they were so bad, I could not believe it. He was not a good person I assumed he was.
    God Bless you Destiny, grow, learn, and find yourself again. And wow, nice fish, Sheri!

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