New Life Live: July 25, 2016


Topics: Homosexuality, Parenting, Adult Children, Marriage, Sexual Intimacy, Depression, Sexual Integrity, Pornography, Suicide
Hosts: Dr. Dave Stoop, Dr. Jill Hubbard with Larry Sonnenburg

Caller Questions:

  1. My 27yo son lives in Germany and wants me to pave the way to tell his dad that he is gay.
  2. I thank God for the Intimacy in Marriage Weekend and the hope I have now! 
  3. Why do I still have anxiety and depression after medication, counseling and prayer? 
  4. I set boundaries for my sexually addicted husband, and he told the church I was abusive. Shall I leave the church?
  5. After my 25yo nephew committed suicide, we found out he was in a homosexual relationship and was molested as a child.

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  1. Older women, like Kim, who need to balance hormones, need to know this:
    Birth control pills are drugs for birth control.
    Biologically Identical Hormones are the real thing.
    Twelve years ago after my hysterectomy, I began using Natural Progesterone cream.
    Here’s how I got started: Suzanne Somers wrote a book and it caught my eye.
    I did not buy it, but I wrote down the 800 telephone number.
    And I found a specialist in my neighborhood.
    First I did a test to measure my actual hormone levels.
    I was way too low in progesterone, so I began using natural progesterone cream.
    My medical doctor was totally confused and did not know what I was telling her.
    So I gave her a book that was written by a medical doctor! John R. Lee M.D.
    What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause
    (The Breakthrough Book on NATURAL Hormone Balance)
    Over the years natural progesterone has been promoted by many more doctors.
    After my hysterectomy, I had severe osteoporosis.
    Natural progesterone is my bone building hormone.
    Tests have proved that my bone density has increased.
    This was a very surprising learning experience for my doctor, as well as me.
    Natural progesterone has many beneficial actions throughout the body.
    If you didn’t know about it before, you should be curious about it now.
    I am telling you my story for what it is.
    But the caller, Kim, might have issues that are more than just hormone balance.
    And I pray that God will guide and comfort Kim all along her life journey.

  2. Against my wishes, I am writing this cryptic statement streaming live from my brain. Having just caught up with this day’s installment, I am awed by how even the lag in my routine of listening to daily New Life broadcasts could only be arranged by our unfathomable God. The Holy Spirit’s transcendence of space and time that kicks the devil out of the details is mind-boggling. For one, in light of Steve’s voice malady, given my codependent inclinations, I would not have earlier posted about singing Psalm-based songs and “shouting out” if I had listened to this day’s radio program on its air date (yesterday). I wouldn’t want an overt mention of using one’s voice to maybe make Steve feel bad, if he read it. Now of course my prayer is with him.

    Actually today’s broadcast underscores how far I have improved from my seriously undermining codependence. After a lifetime of dealing with depression and anxiety, learning that I am codependent, and it is the thing I can best work on, has been the greatest coup toward my recovery.

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