New Life Live: July 23, 2015


Topics: Anxiety, Dating, Blended Families, Marriage, Intimacy, Affairs
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Dave Stoop, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. Why have I had anxiety attacks since childhood?
  2. I am dating a woman with grown children and one does not like me; how do I change that?
  3. Is it wrong I do not want to have sex with my womanizing husband?
  4. Should I require my husband to make a full disclosure about his infidelity?

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  1. Hi if my wife is in new relationship in it possible the marriage conference will be used of God to have. Her to cut that relationship off and work on our marriage? I am so afraid of her going thru with the divorce

  2. Sorry if my wife is in a new relationship with another man not me her husband. Is there any testimonies of women or men breaking off that affair and working on the marriage after being in the marriage conference? Thank you

  3. Howard, I’m sorry I just have to ask, what in the world brought things to this point in your marriage? I have responded to you several times to keep the faith, hope, and trust in God but obviously your wife wants something different from what you want. If after that conference this weekend and there are no changes or desire of change from your wife then I would suggest you get on with your life as well. I mean you’ve done, said, asked, suggested much to her so see how this weekend turns out and then you get your answer. I will continue praying for you and for your wife, your marriage too.

  4. I would like to know why black men have such a high percentage of disrespect to women, and continue to base their entire lives on womanizing. I am not prejudiced but it seems white men like this are not proud of it, and at least try to hide it, while black men seem to be proud of things that most of us would be ashamed of. How and why has this been acceptable in the African American culture?

  5. Dear Pat, not sure if you’re a male or female but you obviously have not had much experience with men, black or white. First of all, people treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated, man or woman, black or white. If you allow yourself to be disrespected then that’s how you’ll be treated. Black men are not the only men who cheat, disrespect, womanize, or other for the record. Further, allowing yourself to be ill-treated has nothing whatsoever to do with the African American culture or society that’s an individual choice, another thing for the record, so again if you allow yourself to be treated any kind of way—so be it. Just my thoughts about your comment. Love and blessings!

  6. I’m dating someone who has a 4 year old child. The ex-wife has been showing signs of wanting him back every since she found out about me (i.e. inviting him to lunch/dinner, saying she wants another baby with him, saying she’s willing to move back into his apartment for the sake of their daughter, asking him other questions unrelated to their daughter, etc.)… I feel like if she still continues to ask him things with the type of trust best friends have, it means he’s not putting her in her place. He claims he has put her in her place, but then it doesn’t make sense that she continues to pursue him, even though she is in a relationship (her 4th one since separating from him 2 years ago). I understand they have to stay in touch because they have a daughter together, but I have a hard time accepting the type of relationship they have, because I’m not saying they have to be enemies, but they are not friends either. I am devastated at the moment, because I don’t know if to end things with him or if to go try to find a solution, even though he keeps saying he has put her in her place… Please help! )’:

  7. Dear Grisel, honey if the guy you’re dating continues seeing and speaking to his daughters mother then it’s time for you to decide on walking away from this relationship. The daughters mother is using him like a used tool and only because she knows he has a relationship with you. You are beautiful, smart, intelligent, and obviously know how to survive. Please don’t put yourself or your life on hold waiting for him to stop playing “red-light, green-light” I’m sure you know what I mean. Of course there will be communication between him and his daughters mother because of their daughter but it doesn’t have to go beyond anything that makes you uncomfortable and he needs to respect that. I pray you make the right decision, and soon. Peace be with you.

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