New Life Live: July 20, 2016


Topics: Blended Families, Parenting
Hosts: Dr. Dave Stoop and Guest Hosts Chris Williams and Ron Deal, founder and president of Start Stepfamilies

Caller Questions:

  1. Should I move forward with my boyfriend into a blended family, or are there red flags?
  2. I am so grateful my daughter-in-law accepts her stepkids as her own.
  3. How should I deal with wills and inheritances with a blended family?
  4. I married a man without kids; how do I balance the needs of my kids when my husband disagrees?
  5. How do I help the 16yo deal with the younger kids in our blended family?

Suggested Resources:
The Smart Stepfamily by Ron Deal  (not available from New Life)

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  1. Linda Seelhorst says:

    This was a great show. Our son with two children just got a divorce and he is dating a woman whose divorce is not final. She has six children. I see lots of red flags already. This Smart Step family seems like a great ministry and I will recommend it to him. Thank you.

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