New Life Live: February 4, 2016


Topics: Adult Children, Estrangement, Church Life, Divorce, Parenting, Sexual Integrity, Connection,
Hosts: Steve Arterburn
Guest Hosts: Jason Martinkus and Chris Williams

Caller Questions:

  1. My daughter ran off with a married man, and I do not know where she is.
  2. I attend a megachurch and they are unresponsive to my attempts to get connected; what can I do?
  3. How do I respond to my small kids telling me they have a new daddy?
  4. My husband is now in therapy after porn and prostitutes; should I leave him anyway?
  5. How do I get closer to my adult daughter who loves my money and babysitting but not my advice?

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Here is the Women in the Battle workshop testimony that was read on the radio today:

Before attending Women in the Battle, I felt like I was in a slow downward spiral to my death. I felt like I was dying from the inside out. This weekend has been the kick start to me saying goodbye to the old me, my old marriage, and dreams. I can now say hello to a new life with hope and power to ask what I need now and that is ok! This weekend saved my life (physically, emotionally, and spiritually.) – Meredith

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  1. Just wanted to tell you me this man is married but he has papers in the court for the divorce. Also his soon to be ex wife is a gaslighter and emotionally abusive. My parents have been trying to control me and they rather have me live in a trailer instead of a nice apartment with everything that we need. I’m 26 years old and I know right from wrong. I can’t afford a place on my own right now. I know it’s wrong to live with him when still married but my parents won’t let me live with them either. I wish I could afford a place on my own with the kids until me and this man can get married but I only make $600 a month and I’ll have no money left for anything. Plus my kids are starting to get settled here and I dono want them to move again. My mom is emotionallying abusive to me as well so it’s not the best situation for me to be in at their home. They yell at me in front of the kids and tell everyone my business. They tell me because I do bad things I’m not a Christian anymore.
    We are trying to do the right thing but as soon as he is divorced my parents won’t give him a chance either.
    My dad failed to mention that I’m in a middle of a divorce too so this man is not as horrible as they make him sound. We are “hiding” from their judgement. They never gave him a chance and never will.

  2. Also he has my phone number and me and my mom talk on facebook. He just wants our address. But someone got ahold of our address and called dss on us and we didn’t do any thing wrong. He also smashed my phone and stole my son’s carseat and followed us multiple times. I don’t know how I can trust them.

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