New Life Live: February 3, 2016


Topics: Adult Children, Marriage, Affairs, Sexual Integrity, Pornography, Alcoholics, Addictions
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. How do I relate to my married son who doesn’t want to see us unless his wife is present?
  2. My daughter and her family of 8 moved in and is mad because I will not go into debt to enlarge my 2 bedroom home.
  3. My wife had an affair and now we are just roommates; how do I decide whether to stay or move on?
  4. What wisdom do I give to my longtime girlfriend who has a husband with a porn and alcohol addiction?

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This is the Marriage Solution Workshop testimony that was read on the radio today:

Prior to this weekend I felt very disconnected from my husband and even doubted whether he still loved or even like me. Our communication often led to arguments that escalated to fights filled with criticism, barbs, defensiveness, and familiar low blows that only we knew how to throw. Even when we were civil to each other, it felt more like a business partnership. This workshop has been incredible. I was able to realize how the differences in our personalities, how we were raised, and our make-up has led to distinctive cycles of misunderstanding, defensiveness, and has ruptured our relationship. Most importantly, I have learned how to let go of myself and see my husband with new eyes. I am leaving this weekend with the knowledge that my husband not only loves me but values, understands, and sees me. We now have a better understanding of what causes us to respond to conflict the way we do, but we are now armed with the tools to not fall into those same pitfalls. – Ruth

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  1. The husband whose wife won’t help around the house may have ADD. I’ve been there. My wife got help. Things are much, much, much improved. The clue was when the wife said that she just doesn’t think about housework or see what needs to be done.

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