New Life Live: December 31, 2015


Topics: Parenting, Childhood Issues, Suicide, Blended Families, Homosexuality, Sexual Integrity, Bipolar, Dating
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. How do we respond to a 12yo daughter who threatens suicide when she doesn’t want to do something?
  2. Our 19yo stepson claims to be bisexual; how much do we share with our curious 6yo daughter?
  3. I lead men’s sexual integrity groups; when does the war end?
  4. What should I be looking for while dating my bipolar girlfriend, and does it get worse?

Suggested Resources:
How We Love our Kids
Every Man’s Bible
How We Love

Click here to download the poem that was read on the radio today – Start Over by Dr. Woodrow Kroll

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  1. Regarding Bob’s dilemma. I don’t how men manage in this cultue and this age of instant gratification; where it’s so easy to access porn and have affairs. Jesus, please come soon and restore us to a place of righteousness. The battle belongs to the Lord.

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