New Life Live: August 4, 2015


Topics: Christian Walk, In-laws, Same-sex Attraction, Sexual Integrity, Forgiveness
Hosts: Dr. Dave Stoop, Dr. Jill Hubbard with Larry Sonnenburg

Caller Questions:

  1. Did I blaspheme against the Holy Ghost?
  2. My husband’s family won’t let go of control; what boundaries can we set?
  3. What is the next step after talking to my 27yo daughter about her same-sex attraction?
  4. How can I change my attitude when my husband engages other women?
  5. I had a blow up with my screaming sister; how do I get over it?

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  1. Re: woman whose husband was very flirtatious with younger women: it should’ve been emphasized that his minimizing of her feelings is a big red flag. Does he do this in other areas? Has he ever had an affair? Maybe her feelings and insecurities are justified. Shouldn’t counseling have been recommended? Maybe “Every Man’s Battle” book should’ve been recommended?

    • Thank you Janet for commenting. Typically my husband takes my feelings into consideration but on this subject not so much. I don’t believe he has ever had an affair. We went to counseling (15 years ago) for his struggles with sexual integrity. I have asked him if that is a problem again and he says no. I believe him in my spirit. We have had two visits with a counselor a year ago for this issue . It might be time to go again. God bless and thank you again.

  2. To the woman whose husband engages other women. I do not agree with Dave. I do not think you should say things like, “I wonder if that young girl saw you as her father or as her grandfather.” Although I’m sure it would be nice to see his reaction, I think it would most likely push him to prove to himself that it was neither and only make him more aggressive in seeing just how far he can go with them. I think you’re better off to continue to tell him that it makes you uncomfortable and then ask him why he continues to do it after what you have told him. I think you guys should get back into counseling to deal with this. Your hurt and concern are legitimate. Put some energy into dealing with this and don’t let him tell you that you’re making something out of nothing. It’s not ‘nothing.’

  3. Appreciate your feedback. I am taking it to heart and action. Thank you for going a step further to comment.

  4. It sounds as if Lucy’s mother-in-law has never been told NO. She may be domineering and bossy and had unrealistic expectations of having a grandchild. People like that are childish and will pout and turn on you when they don’t get their way. Grow up grammaw.

  5. To Michelle – I had a very similar issue with a family member. I appreciate your call and the responses given because it really helps! Thank you.

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