New Life Live: August 31, 2016


Topics: Intimacy, In-Laws, Parenting, Same-Sex Attraction, Affairs, Divorce
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Dave Stoop and Guest Hosts Dr. Tim Clinton and Jason Martinkus

Caller Questions:

  1. We have been living with my husband’s mother for 27yrs and it is affecting the intimacy in our marriage.
  2. My 18yo daughter just disclosed she has been in a lesbian relationship for 4yrs; what should I do?
  3. We have four kids; should I proceed with divorcing my husband after his affairs?

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  1. Edna Gooch says:

    I have a word for the mother of the daughter that was involved in
    A lesbian relationship. I was delivered from that. After 30 year of
    Being in that life. My dad was a very abusive man as well. I would
    Love to share How Jesus Transformed my life!!
    She can follow me on Facebook or call!
    God bless you and your ministry!!

  2. I was disappointed in the advice given to the first caller. My husband was in a loyalty bind with mother after his father died. First problem is the callers mother-in-law ALLOWED the son to continue living there (sounds like emotional incest/surrogate husband), secondly – that the husband has not obeyed the command to leave and cleave, and lastly, that the caller put up with it for 33 years! There are so many layers to this issue, especially since the husband is a therapist! Physical heal thyself! If he is in the mental health industry and fails to see the glaring dysfunction in his relationship with his mother, he has no business counseling others. The first issue that needed to be addressed was the dysfunctional mother/son relationship. The caller and her husband can talk until they are blue in the face, but until this man separates from his mother emotionally and physically, the relationship will remain distant and dysfunctional. Also the lack of physical intimacy is a huge red flag, which I think Dr. Stoop pointed out. I hope the caller gets help to find her voice and finally set some boundaries. She deserves so much better than what she has put up with. What a saint.

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