New Life Live: August 21, 2015


Topics: Sexual Integrity, Homosexuality, Marriage, Adult Children, Substance Abuse, Addictions, Abandonment
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Jill Hubbard

Caller Questions:

  1. How do we become men who open up to other men?
  2. Why didn’t God protect me from marrying a homosexual husband?
  3. Do I get help or evict my depressed 20yo son who has a drug addiction?
  4. My husband abandoned me after my teen son died; do I have biblical grounds to divorce and remarry?

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  1. Now I do feel for Sandy, with the homosexual husband, ma’am please stop blaming God for your denying of knowing your husband is and has always been a homosexual, Lord knows I feel your pain but you yourself admitted that he has not touched you in years, I don’t think the problem is your homosexual husband the problem is with you and it is deep within and you need some serious counseling, I beg of you to please get counseling. Of course you’ll have tears and maybe for a long time, and to find pictures, that hurts even more. I know you knew something wasn’t right from the very beginning and even if not then there was a time when the flags start slapping you in your face. Please don’t hurt yourself because of your homosexual husbands desires, get counseling immediately and stay around strong supportive people. I really think you should be thanking God instead of blaming God because your homosexual husband has been acting out during the entire 43 years of your marriage. No telling how many STD’s he has or worse. Just please, grieve, get counseling, seek a support group, and trust God to walk with you through this, please don’t blame God any further, obviously you blaming God is not helping you or your pain. I will definitely pray for you.

  2. Maria, are you serious, this man has abandon you, he does not want the marriage any longer, trust me, I feel your heart with your losing your son, please stop losing your self pride and dignity, you continuously said that you are a woman of God and that you’re a Christian, now is the time to show just how much of a woman of God you are. You made one excuse after another for this man. He left you at a time that you really and truly needed him. Now also is the time for you to gird up and get it together sister, really. Stop with the excuses for this man, if he wants the divorce FINE, sign your name on the dotted line and get on with your life. You’ve babied this man up enough, the show gave some awesome advice, take it run!!!

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