New Life Live: August 14, 2015


Topics: Encouragement, Grief, Affairs, Separation, Abortion
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer

Caller Questions:

  1. Comment: I can now express my feelings thanks to all of my grief work and men’s groups.
  2. Comment: God was able to use my pain after my wife’s betrayal.
  3. I left with the kids last week after my husband kicked us out; should I reach out to him?
  4. Interview with Jeff Gilbert from the ministry reaching out to pregnant women at risk for abortion.

Suggested Resources:
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Healing Is a Choice
Emotionally Destructive Relationship

This is the Every Man’s Battle Workshop testimony Steve read on the radio today:

I was a recovering alcoholic before I was a sex addict, so I was familiar with the way the addiction process works in the mind. But, I have never had it put to me in a more understandable way than Jason presented it at this workshop. I also believe in any recovery, Christ must be the center of the program and with EMB, He is. The washing away of our sins with the blood of Christ on Saturday night was probably the most moving thing I have ever done. May God continue to bless New Life Ministries. – Jon

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  1. Samantha, you definitely are a people pleaser and a passive wife, not sure how long you’ve been married to your husband but you guys need some serious counseling. Blended does not describe your family right now. What’s his is his and what’s yours is yours, children included. I pray you gird up and get your life together because your children are suffering, almost more than you. You also sound very unhappy. I’ll be praying for you.

  2. God bless you guys for your “pro life” efforts, I truly respect that as I too, am pro file, however, those that are contemplating abortion means that they are pregnant and if they are pregnant that means that they had sex and if they has sex and are pregnant that means that it was unprotected sex and probably with someone they don’t know well or know at all or just a one night stand or an affair. I feel we need to not wait to do something as far as administering pro life lessons and stressing the importance of life and be advocates of getting the message out not to have sex before marriage, affairs, or fornicate. I mean it has to start from somewhere not after the fact of contemplating an abortion, maybe I’m missing something but I truly feel deep in my heart that something could be done before even having to think about, contemplating, or even the mere thought of abortion. Just my thoughts.

  3. Jane Pappas says:

    Right on Steve- thank you for your tough love approach! This woman leaves the house with her kids because she was told to? Oh my/ and married the guy because of fear of losing kids to ex? Don’t know what her ex was like but are her kids now better off in a situation where they leave their home because the mother was told to leave by the current husband? And a child being told ‘You are dumber than I thought?’
    Now she is waiting to see what her current husband’s decision is ?
    I just wanted to say bravo for your tough love – enough that she might get help instead of excusing this man’s ‘parenting style’- Lets all say at least one prayer for her and her children.

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