New Life Live: August 11, 2015


Topics: Anger, Mother Issues, Weight Loss, Asperger’s, Sexual Abuse, Reconciliation
Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Sheri Keffer, Milan Yerkovich

Caller Questions:

  1. How can I handle my anger when my mom pushes my buttons?
  2. Comment: What I learned at Lose It for Life helped me get through the loss of my mom as well as lose weight!
  3. Is it biblically OK to leave my Asperger’s husband who is emotionally abusive?
  4. My husband molested two of our kids and had affairs; should I reconcile with him now that he is a Christian?

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  1. to the last caller, are you out of your mind. This man is not ready to be a part of your life or his daughters and lord knows the multiple affairs. Please don’t go back to him, this man is dangerous and he needs to keep Christ and keep moving on with his life. This man has destroyed all that God has given you guys. You should seek counseling yourself to even think about getting back with that monster. Okay, so he’s a Christian now, WOW about time, but please, please for your life and your children’s life DO NOT GO BACK TO HIM. Sorry but I do not take kindly to molesters and I know God is still working on me. This is a set up for true failure if you go back to this man, this man that has committed his life to Christ…please. Even your children know—-please don’t cause more pain. I know you cannot be that lonely that you would fall for this man again. I will stop now because I am getting ready to explode about this. God please help me, this family too. Oh my goodness, how dare that **^#^^@&.

  2. Have husband who is bipolar and spending money like crazy hanging out in strip bars giving money away drinking and says he is doing nothing wrong .Can not get him to take his meds thinks nothing is wrong with him.Not sure what to do want to give up on our 33 year marriage more to all this but he was fine in APRIL went off Zoloft in MAY now he turn into a different person he is not the same man thinking is off and can not reason with him at all.

  3. Jane, it seems you need to give your husband a taste of his own actions. It’s obvious that he can control some things, I mean he’s going to strip clubs, spending money like crazy and thinks he doesn’t have a problem. Right. We’ll I’d be tired of this foolishness as well, and after 33 years, oh heck no. If he doesn’t want to go to counseling, get back on his meds, or try to better things for you or the marriage then maybe you should go forth with your thought of leaving him. I pray he comes to his senses but if not, oh well. God wants better for you and if he cannot oblige considering the circumstances….bless you.

  4. Good advice to the last caller. They had her child molester husband pegged to a tee.

  5. My hart go out to the last caller, please for your sanity sake! Don’t go back. God love you more than this man, hand him over to God and hold on to your children. You are so Blessed to come out of the storm. Get your self with some strong women, who will love you and bless you with kindness and Grace. Remember you owe this to your children otherwise they will pick the wrong type of guy.I hope he will surrender his hart fully to God. I’m praying for you and your family.

  6. Georgia Lee Pate says:

    He should be in jail!!! The church protected my ex, told me I was self righteous, too angry, and unforgiving!!!! Even after I found audio tapes of him bragging about getting away with lying to everyone, the church and the sex abuse group!! He said he was saved!!! I listened to God!! He persude custody for 7 years!!! He only lost when his own mother and sister finally came forward and told how he was still lying about molesting children in his family. They said if he was really saved and repented he would not lie about it!!! That was the day before he was going to get custody!!!! God and Jesus got us through this!!! Pray for all the protective mothers who are losing thier children to these preditors who are enabled by the worldly system!!!!!!!!

  7. So many evil sick men, it’s no wonder I’ve taken years to myself and have no interest in them.

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