Marriage Solution Workshop Testimonies

I was in a dark place before this weekend. I had a roommate and not a wife. We lived in crisis mode and on eggshells. We were desperate to change. The main and small group sessions were great. My hard heart was softened for the first time in many years. I now have hope that my marriage can be everything that God intended. I have surrendered the old and have a new commitment to love my wife and make God the center of my marriage, and I am leaving the workshop with tools to help me on my new journey. – Ken

Before this weekend, I was feeling dead with no hope. I had started to wonder why I was even wondering why I was here on earth. Darkness surrounded me daily. I was lost. This weekend has been life changing. It has been the absolute best workshop ever and truly a God-send. We’ve been married 18 years, and this weekend, my husband and I talked about things we’ve never talked about. This weekend, I chose to love my husband again. I am leaving this workshop with new eyesight on what a marriage, a home, a life is supposed to be, and a new revelation of love for my husband that I didn’t have before. I would tell anyone considering this workshop to come because it will be the best thing you could do for yourself and your family. – Diane

My husband and I are entering the 20th year of our marriage with no connection. . . no intimacy. . . and very little hope. We have kids with special needs so our prospects for marriage survival were bleak. (90% of parents like us divorce.) This weekend has been a time that we can look back and say, “That’s when it all changed!” It was like scales were removed from our eyes as the truth was revealed about the real source of our problems. We were taught things that gave us hope for our future. We are leaving the workshop with hope and practical tools for communication. . . new friends . . new resources, and joy. We are determined that with the Lord and the resources we now have we’ll be a special needs family that survives intact! – Amber

Before this weekend, my husband and I were basically living as roommates and had been for a very long time. This weekend has been so enlightening. I particularly appreciated the information Kay and Milan shared on attachment styles and sexual intimacy, and what Dave Stoop said about the husband’s responsibility for setting the tone of the marriage. I am leaving here with hope. My husband and I had a sharing time last night and this morning we prayed together. We are leaving this workshop with a much better understanding of each other, and of issues such as forgiveness and leadership. I would definitely encourage any couple to come to this workshop. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You’ll learn so much about yourself and your spouse which can only be a good thing. – Elana

Before coming to this marriage workshop, my husband was living in the basement and threatening to leave because he was so mad and unforgiving. This weekend has been wonderful! I am leaving with hope that things will be better and with tools to help my marriage succeed. – Annette

This workshop has been eye opening about why and where we get our active personalities from. Everything you thought you knew about yourself and your wife is not exactly what you think it is. I am leaving the workshop with a better love and appreciation for my wife. – Annette’s husband

Prior to this Marriage weekend my husband and I had a reasonably healthy marriage but we were stuck, and life was mundane. This weekend has been life changing. My hope is that my husband and I will be able to continue on the journey we have started here of connecting on a deeper level, being more open and honest with our feelings. I am leaving with a renewed sense of hope and excitement about the future. I would tell any couple to go for it. Lay down your pride and ask for help, and don’t let finances be a reason not to come. – Mary

Before coming to this workshop, my life felt stuck. I couldn’t get moving forward. Either because I felt justified or hurt. But my life was more “feel sorry” than living. This weekend has brought such a light!! I have had 8 years of counseling and in less than 3 days I have felt more movement and hope. I am so grateful for everything this workshop has been. I am leaving with so much hope and love, and less baggage. – Kim

Before coming to this workshop, my life was on the verge of disaster. My marriage was failing, our children angry and grieving their parents’ inability to communicate; my supervisor on Monday ready to relieve me for being late because I can’t sleep. My spouse asked me to come to this workshop and I have been so blessed. I am leaving this weekend letting go of the hurt, and truly forgiving, and with a will to work on restoring broken relationships, owning who I am, and surrendering my will and becoming healthy. – Zay

My life before this workshop was full of misunderstanding, miscommunication and tears. My husband would walk away from me and I felt abandoned, unloved, and tired of trying. This weekend has been enlightening. I didn’t understand myself and what my past meant to my present. I feel as if the Lord has used this workshop to draw me closer to healing. I am leaving this workshop with a much better understanding of myself and of my husband. – Kristine

We have been married for 26 years with 6 kids. I was going to file and this was going to be the last resort. I thought it was a perfect time after receiving a little inheritance (so money wasn’t stopping me.) I thought this workshop would help me to decide. I realize now that I was pushing my husband in the basement and keeping him from being with me. We really want the same thing to be close and to be loved. We now have the tools and I have hope. I am from a background where my mom was married 4 times. This weekend helped me not to just give up, but to learn to  communicate. I am leaving this weekend with hope and clear direction. This workshop has been so worth the money, and the 9 hour drive! Kelly

Before this marriage weekend, I was in the process of recovering from my wife leaving. Although, we have been in counseling a few months, this workshop really gave us the tools to grow. The weekend has been very informative and inspirational. We are leaving with many new tools, among them, the comfort circle, a gem—a single page process that’s worth double the admission and more for any marriage. It’s immensely powerful and transformational. – Adam

My husband of 21 years and I were living like roommates—taking care of business and our teen at home, communicating superficially, with lots of hurt. I knew it could be better, but didn’t what to do. This weekend has been marriage-changing! We learned about attachment styles, and how those early experiences affect our communication and perceptions now. We learned a fantastic listening and communicating method. We met new friends, and learned that many couples struggle. I am leaving this weekend with a change of heart. I came to get tools; I am leaving with what I needed-a heart more open to listening to my husband, working on respect and communication; and I got tools. I think this workshop would benefit every marriage. Learning how to love is basic—it changes our connection to our spouses and everyone else we come into contact with. – Cathy

Our marriage was stuck in repeating cycles of chaos, hurt, frustration and injury. The downward spiral of blame and wondering why all the help and attempts of repair weren’t working was pushing us toward divorce as the easiest and only repair. This New Life Marriage Weekend has been an answer to prayer! It has been truth and love in candid form. It has brought about a perspective change to each of us and given us tangible tools to see each other differently. This workshop has given us understanding as to why we do what we do and how to shift towards love and healing. I am leaving with a feeling of freedom, renewed hope, and an awareness of being washed in grace for myself and my spouse. – Christy

I was desperate to change our 33 year old marriage from mostly friendly co-habitation to meaningful connection and safety. This workshop has been a turning point filled with the potential of having a marriage that is open, honest and satisfying. I am leaving the weekend with hope for the first time in decades that I can have the kind of marriage that I would want for my adult children. – Dawn

My life before this weekend had gotten into a place feeling very stressed, confused, frustrated and detached. My husband and I had been married 8 years, together for 15. We always had struggles, but they worsened tremendously with the birth of our first child and transition into parenthood. The inability to communicate and be on the same page became such a huge road block we couldn’t get around. All the trying just brought arguing and resentment to the point of us ending up in the bomb dropping zone of threatening each other with divorce, just because that seemed like it might be the easiest and safest thing to do. This New Life Marriage Solution weekend has been intense, but so great and emotionally rejuvenating. It has been life changing and extremely eye opening! It has helped me find healing and faith again by God’s grace. I got so much more than I ever even anticipated or expected! I have a greater understanding that we both contributed to the brokenness, but the brokenness can and has started being pieced back together. With Jesus’ help we can piece this puzzle back together! – Jessica

Prior to this New Life Marriage Weekend, I was exhausted from the same toxic habits and behaviors my husband and I were living with. The weekend was better than my expectations. It was like a weekend in a personal encounter with friends who feel and know your pain. I am leaving the weekend with hope that we will utilize what we’ve learned to reach deep levels of connection. Hope that we can even have a good marriage; and hope that is victory over Satan’s plan to tear apart our marriage. I would tell couples to go to the workshop even if they have no hope in the marriage. Hope in God will not disappoint. – Audrey

Prior to this marriage workshop, we had a good marriage, but I knew it could be better. I knew I needed to be a better communicator and a better spiritual leader. We have been through a marriage crisis and are recovering from that, and came to the workshop for a tune up. This weekend has been everything I expected and more. We learned how to communicate on a deeper level and how to drill down to past (childhood) issues that may be the root cause of today’s problems. We are leaving the workshop with new tools to take our marriage to a higher level and to achieve spiritual intimacy, and our goal to have a marriage that can be an example to our married children. – CJ

Before coming to the New Life Marriage Weekend, our marriage was broken, hopeless, and ready for divorce. This weekend was amazing and the best weekend of my life. It has been painful and purposeful! There have been too many God moments to count. I am walking away changed for the better, and am so excited about the new woman I am. I am leaving with hope for my marriage and excitement about the future. I now have tools and resources to improve my marriage and, in turn, I am leaving the workshop with the best gift for my kids – a good marriage! – Jamie

I had shared with my husband 6 months ago that I was done after 12 years of marriage. I love God more than anything and our marriage brought Him no glory – it was a lie. I was going to put a fleece of 6 months out there for a miracle that I didn’t think was coming . . . 5 months later my husband asked me to come to the New Life Marriage Workshop. This weekend has truly been the miracle that I didn’t think was possible! I thought my husband didn’t care about me or love me. I felt like a failure as a woman. I now know that those were lies from the enemy! This weekend has been transforming of not only my marriage, but of my life. I am leaving this workshop with truth and freedom to love my husband, family, and friends like never before. I feel empowered to be all God has created me to be and do. – Patricia

Before coming to this weekend, we had hit a stuck point in our marriage. I was not connecting emotionally with my husband. We were living like housemates. The weekend was tough, but the material provided on connection and restoring connection put new light on our issues. The explanation of attachment style was eye opening, and the group sessions with other wives who were experiencing the same feelings and emotions were invaluable. It took up to the last group session for me to get there, but I am leaving the weekend with hope, renewed strength, and understanding. – Lori

Before coming to the New Life Marriage Weekend, I avoided confrontation at all costs, no matter what. My marriage was tense. This weekend has provided me with a lot of good solid information that is going to be very helpful in my marriage relationship and healing. After being an avoider all of my life, I am really excited about using the Comfort Circle, and becoming an excellent listener. I would challenge men to be the leader and take your wife to this workshop. There will be no regrets. – Jim

Before this weekend, my marriage was in crisis mode. Communication was non-existent and my husband and I were each holding on to so much pride and bitterness that we were stuck and unwilling to move forward. We did not leave any room for God to work in the marriage. This weekend has been transformational. We have let go of anger, bitterness, and self-righteousness. We have committed to moving forward and using all the skills and techniques to do the hard work in order to have the marriage that God desires for us. I leave here with hope that we are both willing to stop doing all the old patterns and sinful behaviors that were destroying our marriage and do the work to let God transform the marriage and make it in to what he wants. It’s going to be hard work but now we both have a spirit of willingness to do that work. This weekend will give you completely new ways and tools to use to break all your old patterns. It gives a completely new framework for marriage. – Betsey

I was planning on leaving my husband after this weekend. The issues SEEMED insurmountable.  But – through this process I see that there is hope and that we can try again. You have given us both some new tools and an understanding that we are in a battle, and God has been there waiting to help. Thanks!Sandy

Before this weekend, I was searching for ways to deal with the sadness, anger, and devastation of my husband’s infidelity and adulterous affairs. He attended EMB and we were in counseling, but I felt like there was more work ahead. The weekend has been extremely helpful to me. I now have a better understanding of how and why things happened in our marriage. I understand why we sometimes act and react differently in certain situations. I leave here with a better perspective of what ‘surrender’ truly means. I have predictions of marital happiness and success. I understand degrees of love and what harmful love styles are. I now know that growth involves discomfort. I wish we had something like this 33 years ago. Go as soon as you can. It’s worth it and you will be so glad you did.Phyllis

Before coming to the marriage weekend, I talked with Steve, Milan, and Sheri on the radio. I was advised to find a lawyer because my husband had sociopath tendencies. I have prayed and given him to God. Our situation has been nothing short of desperate and in need of healing. This weekend has been refreshing and eye opening – a reason for hope. I am praying that the things we’ve learned here will be applied daily along with personal surrender to the will of God. I leave here with a guarded hope that the enemy will not regain ground or steal the peace that has been offered here. I believe God is in control and He will lead. This weekend is unlike any other marriage conference. This is one that can break through barriers and gives you the potential toward the intimacy we all want.Pat

My marriage was on a road that was not being led by God. Satan was living in our home, laughing as he watched my husband and I build our walls higher and thicker. Our children were on their way to being products of our broken marriage. This weekend has been a safe place to talk openly about the issues in my marriage. I leave here with confidence and hope that we now have some great tools that will help us develop the marriage relationship that God intended for us. Come with your baggage, dump it all out, and go home with hope and a new start.Lynda

Before coming to this marriage weekend, we had begun to turn a corner. Several months before – my husband had a softening of his heart toward me and we began to work on connecting through ‘How We Love’. We’re only beginning but this weekend cemented many of those techniques and gave us fellowships with other strugglers. It helped to identify more of the pain and opened our hearts further to each other. This weekend has been amazing in how much is perceived in so short of time. It’s wonderful in the way people quickly connect. It’s life changing in the entire presentation and process. I leave here with hope that things will continue to improve and our knowledge of each other will result in greater intimacy. We will break the disconnected family patterns in our two families and pass on to our children and their spouses a new way of connecting and loving each other. To anyone considering attending the New Life Marriage Weekend, I’d say it’s a must. You can’t afford not to do it. You owe it to yourself and your spouse to do all you can to keep your promise to each other.Linda

Before this weekend, I was hurting deeply and praying for a breakthrough. I was praying for God to move in my husband’s heart and for me to have an opportunity to understand why he behaved the way he did. That actually happened. This weekend is the beginning of what I believe will be a new, wonderful, re-connecting, and satisfying phase of translating ‘willingness’ into results. I leave here with hope and the feeling of being heard. I feel close to my husband again. To anyone thinking of going, do whatever it takes to go.Katie

Before this weekend, I knew there will still issues my husband and I needed to work on, even though this would be our 3rd workshop. I had a lot of hope since we experienced so much growth in the last two years. This weekend has been another big push for us. My husband made the decision to let go of the fear of leading. I am letting go of my critical spirit. I leave here with the ability to use tools we have been taught. Now we have an action plan. We all decide how to spend our time and money and we make room in our lives for whatever is our priority. Anyone struggling in their marriage needs to put aside competing wants and distractions and attend this weekend.Joan

Before coming to this Marriage Workshop I was sleeping in the garage.  I had not spoken to my wife for 20 days.  On Tuesday – 3 days before the workshop started – she spoke to me. “We need to go”. She signed us up. I booked the room and rented the car.  We drove 24 hours through the night. I was anxious, tired, and skeptical. The Marriage Solution Workshop has been a big awakening and breakthrough. By Friday night God had begun to really speak to my wife and I. I can’t remember going more than a day without tension. So much stress and weight has been removed. We look at each other in the eye. Pray, laugh, and smile. I leave here with great hope for the future. And tools and knowledge to make it work.  I’m feeling good. To anyone considering attending this Marriage Workshop I’d say: you will never regret it.  It will rank as your best weekends hands down.Dean