Lose if for Life Workshop Testimonies

Prior to this weekend, I was over-eating, compulsive shopping, and hiding things from my husband. I had a critical spirit and was unhappy about my behavior and hopeless of breaking these destructive behaviors. This workshop has been filled with laughter from Steve’s speaking. Steve uses humor to lighten the intensity of what he is sharing and teaching what we need to know of God’s love and desire for us. This weekend has been life-changing as I learned why I am insecure and why I do the compulsive habits that I do. – Shelley

I have been struggling trying to surrender to Christ, but always holding on to control out of fear, and trying to do way too much in my own “power.” This weekend has been great! Especially the small group where a bunch of total stranger opened up their hearts to each other, came along side one another, and taught me more than I had imagined possible. I am leaving this workshop with hope that I can leave my rock in the bucket-my retained control and fear at the foot of the cross. I leave here knowing that I have a God given plan for continuing to grow at home. Come to this workshop whether you have a weight problem or not is immaterial, the principles you learn at this workshop apply to all areas of life. – Len

This is one of the best things I could do for myself. It gave me tons of hope, good guidelines, practical help, and led me closer to God.” – Gail “If someone is serious and ready to look at their weight problem from many different angles, all under the umbrella of God’ s grace, and all scripturally based, this is the place to be. – Toni

I came here anxious, very little hope. Fear was yet another plan and strategy and thought this would be about a quick fix that would fail. I had very little self confidence. I thought about my weight all the time. My self-esteem is low, and it has affected me as a father, husband, and children’s pastor. This weekend has been a true encouragement and eye-opening and given me hope. My five words are: Encouraging, enlightening, enriching, equipping, and energizing. I leave with many friends, a specific and achievable plan not just about eating. I don’t have to give up hope, I can hope again. To someone considering: Change your thinking and change your life.. – Scott

My life before coming this weekend was hopeless. I didn’t care that I was dying. I didn’t know that I was accidentally killing myself being 165 lbs. overweight and still wouldn’t stop shoveling the food in? This weekend has been a turning point that saved my life. I am leaving here with a new determination to save my life and others with eating addictions. – Tom

Before coming to LIFL, I kept isolating myself and I didn’t know how to truly surrender my weight issue to God. This weekend has been enlightening and has given me hope and knowledge that I can do this now, but only with God and in community. This weekend has allowed me to gain trust again and has shown me that I need to surrender fear and failure to God and walk with Him. I am leaving this weekend with hope and new found trust in myself to turn to God. I am leaving with grace, relieved shame that I have been carrying, and with the promise and tools for freedom from emotional eating. I feel capable, equipped, and prepared to go home and work on me. LIFL provides you with God’s truth and how it applies to your weight loss efforts, emotional healing, growth to be mature, and offers hope. – Teresa

My life before coming to LIFL was dark, filled with no hope. As a single mom, I work long hours so there has been no time for me. I have been completely isolated. This was just how it was. I was only just existing. This weekend has been full. I have learned so much. I have connected with a group of wonderful supportive women. I now feel like I have safe people in my life with whom I want to stay connected. I am leaving the weekend with hope. I can do all things with Christ. Losing weight and or re-claiming some of my health is not impossible and I am not alone. I would encourage anyone considering this event to go. The tools and the connections in this weekend can change your life if you let it! – Sarah

Before coming to this weekend, I often felt isolated and alone in my struggle with food. No one understood that I actually had issues with food because it wasn’t readily apparent by my physical appearance. This weekend has been a life changing experience. The main sessions were informative and interspersed with humor and laughter. Steve’s willingness to be “real” about his own struggles allowed me to fully accept that I was broken too and needed to deal with things that I had buried every time I took a bite of food when I wasn’t hungry. The compassion and empathy of our small group counselor allowed each of us to feel safe to be vulnerable with each other from the first minutes we were together. Feeling the comfort of connection and acceptance with my group ladies even after exposing my brokenness was nothing short of God’s miraculous power. If someone is considering this workshop, don’t give in to the enemy and voice that tells you it isn’t something that you should consider. Go for it, trust God, and see the amazing ways He will work through the New Life team. – Paula

My life before this weekend was out of control with regard to food. I felt the need to be “perfect” and pressure to always do the right thing. This weekend was been an eye opener. I have learned about myself and why I do what I do. I now have hope that things can be different. I am leaving the weekend with skills to make different choices and not to react to my emotions with food. – Kiersten

I have been a compulsive eater. I have felt deflated and alone, and unsure how to address my sugar addiction. LIFL has been awesome and inspiring. It has helped me understand a Christian focus and process how to address my sugar addiction. I am leaving this weekend with tools to address food addictions and willingness to respond to God, surrender to God’s will, connect with healthy people, and others in the group with food addictions. – Charlotte

I came here anxious, very little hope. Fear was yet another plan and strategy and thought this would be about a quick fix that would fail.  I had very little self confidence. I thought about my weight all the time. My self-esteem is low, and it has affected me as a father, husband, and children’s pastor. This weekend has been a true encouragement and eye-opening and given me hope.  My five words are:  Encouraging, enlightening, enriching, equipping, and energizing. I leave with many friends, a specific and achievable plan not just about eating.  I don’t have to give up hope, I can hope again. To someone considering: Change your thinking and change your life.Scott

My words are transforming, unburdening, enlightening and amazing.  I was dead, it’s how I felt.  I knew I couldn’t continue one more step.  I knew if I didn’t come I would die in my pain, weight and shame.  I had to be here. This is a life-changing event.  My thought process has been from defeat to possibility.  It’s been hard.  The Lord has taken every insecurity and put in front of me and said, What are you going to do, Donna?  There are people in this room who love me.  I’m going to go home having been loved.  With the love of my sisters around me, and life giving news of this program I’m a new creation.  I feel like I’ve been baptized anew.  I leave here with hope, not just around my neck, but I feel it in my heart.  He took a hard one and shattered it and gave me one of flesh; he’s very merciful.  I have the tools I need, friends who believe in me, and relationship with my God who loves me just the way I am.  That’s all I need to know.  To someone considering: Do not wait.  Do it now.  Don’t waste another minute living in defeat.  He’s waiting for us to do great things for him and for us.  Just go.  – Donna

The first night when I saw the video with the child and father and storm—I’ve  been that screaming child my whole life.  When storms come I forget that God is there.  How do I scream?  I shove food in my mouth until I can’t see the storm though it’s still there.  This event has been a dose of reality.  Storms will come and cannot be avoided.  God is there and He wants me to allow Him to carry me through the storms.  I leave here with a new approach for my life.  When storms come, instead of running away from them, I can run to the arms of my loving heavenly father.Ron

I had given up hope—was binging and eating.  I’ve been in counseling for 3 years.  I had overcome obstacles, but it was an addiction.  I never heard of New Life or Steve but a friend told me about him and the ministry.  I’ve been praying for 2 months previous to registering knowing there was something in my heart locked up.  My friend said if you go you’ll find the key to the healing which is yet undiscovered.  I did and it came in faith.  I was guided to the deep places in my heart.  I can now be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  I have new understanding, new friends, and new hope.  I received a necklace and realized that I had received the key God promised me.  If someone asks:  Just do it.  There’s no failure in falling down, the failure is if you stay down. Kim

Testimony from Jami Hillman


This is my second time at a New Life Conference, and I expected the same this time and it has come.  I came insecure, scared and facing a deteriorating marriage knowing my weight gain was from the stress in my marriage.  Julie talked me to a very dark place, a closet, I was scared and 4 or 5 years old.  She had me go in and comfort that girl and walk her out.  I feel like I was delivered from a spirit of fear.  I thank the Lord for your ministry and will be supporting you financially because of the change in my life.  If someone asks:  Come and be set free.  Julie emphasizes truth telling—it does set you free.  – Melissa

Based on previous testimonials I heard on New Life Live, I expected to come to this weekend and try to come to terms with whatever issues and unresolved emotions were keeping me from being able to keep the weight off.  Without a doubt, I did make progress in those areas.  What I did not expect was that I would undergo a complete life transformation.  That through the guidance of my group leader and group I could feel the Lord Jesus enter me in a way that He has never been present before.   I feel relaxed and purified and drenched in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I feel like in 28 hours I have already lost 25 pounds – this is the weight of guilt and shame and fear that has kept me from living my life to the fullest potential. – Mary 

Testimony from Brittany Saab


I am just amazed at the many ways my eyes were opened and how much insight I received at this conference.  I still can’t believe that I sat in a room with total strangers and bared my soul only to be loved, accepted, and encouraged I return.  By the end of the weekend, I felt I had known these women all my life.  I am an introvert and think I might actually be healed of my social anxiety due to this weekend. I never imagined that happening! I now understand and admit that I have a food addiction but I also understand that I have hope. I am not alone. God wants his best for my life and I am not the only one who struggles with this.  The path I was on before I attended the weekend was a path of denial, lack of self-care, and an attempt to control everything in my life.  Your program has enabled me to “see the light”. God bless you. – Leslie

For the first time in my life I told things in my life to a group of men that I never told to anyone.  For the first time I my life I don’t feel ashamed of who I am.  I feel that I have been liberated. I feel like God loves me and accepts me for who I am and note who I could be.  I don’t feel like a failure. I came here to lose weight and that is just what I did. I’ve begun to release the emotional pain.  So now I don’t need food to make me feel good; I already feel great. The key for me was not finding a solution to a weight problem but expressing the emotional pain that I have suppressed so deeply in my heart and soul for years. – Jason

Before coming to this workshop, I knew I had a problem but no easy solution.  I thought the answer was merely physical.  I was rebellious and didn’t want anyone telling me what I was doing wrong. This weekend has been eye opening and at times jaw dropping! I have learned more and have been more open in just 3 days than I have in 3 years of recovery. I leave here with a better sense of where the weight came from.  This is NOT just a physical issue! I now have the tools I need to fight this battle in the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.Lisa

Before coming to Lose It for Life, I felt my eating controlled me and I didn’t understand why. I thought it was my weakness and lack of discipline. This weekend has been insightful to learn about my hidden issues that triggered emotional needs that I tried to satisfy with food. I leave here connected to other men who I can trust and we understand each other’s needs.Marty(male)

Testimony from Tina Blakeslee


Before coming to Lose It for Life, I was suffering with symptoms of poor health due to obesity and felt like I could never ever lose all the weight I really needed to in order to improve my health. Lose It For Life has been the most awesome, spirit filled, connected, life changing, God inspired weekend I’ve ever experienced.   The leaders I’ve met here are now journey partners who I hove and will pray for as well as stay connected with ongoing. I leave here with hope – the real heartfelt, deep connection that God love me too much to leave me where I am.  He has a plan and is helping me make a way into a victorious life.Linda

I was hesitant at first about attending the weekend. I had read books and thought “I can do this on my own; I don’t need to go”.  I see now that it was pride and fear speaking.  I highly recommend Lose It for Life. It’s critical to have the support we received from the group to begin the journey.   Be prepared for the unexpected in your group – emotions may come flooding up to the surface that will surprise you but you’ll find it is safe and accepted no matter what comes up. You’ll receive the acceptance and support you need here to face yourself and the help to begin to change. – Robin