Every Man’s Battle Weekend Reviews

Every Man’s Battle Weekend Review
By Justin

At the beginning of the weekend I felt nervous and apprehensive. I was excited to learn the tools that would solve my problem.

What I learned was that the perfect tool was inside me all along – Jesus Christ. I just needed to use it to reach into the root cause of my sexual sin. When I left on Sunday, I can happily say that I felt closer to God than I have in a very long time. I have made true friends and feel more in love with my wife. I am ready to make this work and would recommend this weekend to anyone.

Every Man’s Battle Weekend Review
By David

My sexual sin had grown and progressed so such a degree that it destroyed my career and threatened to destroy my marriage. My thoughts and even my prayers were muddled and clouded by the enemy so much so that I couldn’t even recognize the lies that were guiding my life.

God used men who knew Christ and who had been through similar struggles to show me the hope of God’s redemptive plan for me.

After five years of “clean and sober” time from drugs and alcohol I am now coming to terms with how my lack of sexual integrity had hijacked my relationship with God and others. Struggling alone I could not stand and find victory in my walk.

I am no longer alone! This weekend Intensive restored my awareness of God’s amazing grace. It has given me a restored faith that God has much much more planned for my life than I could ever find on my own.

With the community of others helping me, I am ready now to let go of my old pursuits which were cheap substitutes for God.

I have made a new goal – to be the man God created me to be…a lover of God and other people with all my heart, all my soul and all my strength. An intimate walk with God along side the allies I have found at Every Man’s Battle is now my focus.

Thank you to Jason -the main speaker- you gave me courage because I identified with so much of your personal story – thank you for genuinely caring and seeking to be used by God.

Every Man’s Battle Weekend Review
By Warren

The Every Man’s Battle Weekend Workshop is an awesome and life changing experience.

The ability to be made so comfortable with the establishment of the “No Shame Zone” makes for a very helpful and safe environment in which I was more than willing to share. To be instructed by people who had overcome the same issues that I am currently dealing with is an added plus.

The closeness of the bond that I felt within the breakout sections aided in helping me to share. Just knowing that everyone was dealing with some variation of the same issue helped me to not feel abnormal or like some sort of cast off.

God used this conference and these leaders to help me see my individual problem and to plot out the necessary course of action – though hard it will be. He also used this conference to break me and do something I have not done since 1979 and that was cry. The overwhelming hurt I felt when I was made to realize what I have put my wife through – and the awesome symbolism displayed as we placed the blood of Jesus (paint) over our placecards to cover our sins, hurts and pains – took me over the top. I praise God for these men and the work they put into this, to help us all.

My hope and prayers are not just for me but for each and every one of my brothers in Christ and for those who have not accepted Him as their savior. May we have the victory – though the power of Jesus – and may we continue to follow it through the years to come.

For more information call 1-800-639-5433 or visit http://everymansbattle.com


  1. Mike Lobbett says:

    I would like to know the cost of the Every Man’s Battle conference in Seattle and in Denver.

    Thank you,

    Mike Lobbett

  2. Michael Henry says:

    I am a Divorced man in need of good concilor in my area of Connelsville PA associated with your organization.

  3. Janice Bluewater says:

    Hi I am need of desperate help for my husband. Our marriage is on the verge of falling apart and he doesnt know it or even care,because of his addiction for other women. But he is not accepting the fact and he is and will not make an attempt to work on it. he is an ordained minister and have been a christian all his life. I am the wife and the one who is suffering. It’s a desperate cry for HELP. We live in Corpus Christi TX. I see that you have a Workshop in Dallas TX that would be great. But it is all the way in December. Is there anything that can be substituted until then. Also how do you get someome who is not accepting that they have an addiction or a problem that is destroying both them as an individual and their famly and doesnt want to go for conselling because they feel all is well to attend or accept help. Please Please Please. Help Me. I want my husband but I cannot continue living in such condition.

    • Hi Janice,

      I am not a doctor or pastor ….just a man that has been through a lot of pains and has battled some addictions (addictions are not really addictions to what they appear to be addicted to…..its an escape of insecurity and for their true identity and knowing how much God really loves them…..there is a blockage somewhere in their emotions and beliefs and patterns) I can’t say for sure but my guess is you husband has battled with feelings of rejections for a good part of his life and especially during a very crucial time in his life (likely at a younger age: childhood/youth …..possibly even in his marriage years). This rejection may or may not have a lot to do with you yet you are part of it. He needs your help and your support. And it may have more to do with you that you don’t even understand.

      If I could ask you a question….. would you say his personality type is very sensitive and caring for others?

      My heart goes out to you as I am going through huge rejection myself (as my second wife was badly abused by her step father as a child and it has affected our marriage…. and my insecurities have been triggered much as well…..hence we have spent much time apart out of her fears of abandonment and mine of rejection).

      The one thing I believe God does is that He is involved in everything…..and he has a purpose for every situation in our lives. This challenge may also have a lot to do with you…..and what God wants from you and for you….. and your need to depend on the Lord more and more. God may also be preparing your husband for a huge breakdown and you may be the catalyst that has to play tough love and put it on the line. I am not sure of all the dynamics and I totally give up my place to give advice when it needs to come from God and hear His small still voice. When you hear his voice of peace that is out of love for your welfare and your husband’s in a way that you know is God’s love (full of Grace and Truth)…..then you need to step out in Faith and stick to that Faith ….. know God will work with you and for you and for the best interest for your husband.

      God is committed to your marriage and to both of you….. you need to be truthful in love to yourself about your thoughts and behaviour. Sometimes with think we are loving our spouse but in disguise we have a negative view and not an encouraging and believing view of the promising potential of who God made them to be and is shaping them to be…… He will use you both to shape each other and your own personal growth and dependency on His way His will His time. Keep believing God and put your complete Hope and Trust in Him. God wants you to be His and be transformed in to the likeness of Jesus….. and being on the receiving end vs the giving end of the pain is truly a place where our hearts can then offer (with a true heart that looks to and desires to) grace and forgiveness. Wanting to give grace with a deep deep desire so that our spouse will know it and see it ….. is a gift from God. God is in control of your life and your husbands…..even though it may not seem that way. Jesus was a victim yet he had the power of a gracious love for all mankind…..now that…. is strength and a deep love for his Father and for all us as His children. My prayers are with you and you have the strength of Christ Love in you and you are a new creation.
      Blessings and my God shine His face on you and your husband.
      Brent … brent@c4insight.com
      Renew Your thoughts to God’s thoughts and His view.

    • Janice,
      First of all I totally understand your pain. My husband was like yours before he went to EMB. That workshop is offered every month and I believe it is free for pastors. In the meantime I hope you will come to the Women in the Battle website for some immediate support. Also we will be having a WITB Workshop e first weekend of November- scholarships are available. New Life Ministries has helped thousands of
      marriages recover from circumstances such as yours. I will be praying for both of you. Kalo

  4. Hildy Mohler says:

    We have been where you are sister- my husband and I live in Houston + PTL he has been living in victory for the most part (one of the most helpful groups/ programs for us was Pure Desire Ministries which can be set up at any local church there in Corpus and you can get consistent peer support on a weekly basis, to tide you over till you can go to a seminar with New Life. The other blessing is the incredible material for spouses – call me (832) 581-6556!

  5. anonymous says:

    Will you hold an Every Man’s Battle weekend again in Seattle in the future?

  6. Russell L. Brown says:

    When will you be in the Dallas area for a Every Man’s Battle conference?

    • New Life says:

      Hi Russell,
      Please call our call center at 800-639-5433 to get the dates and location nearest you.
      Carmen from New Life

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