Jason Martinkus

Jason MartinkusHaving been sexually addicted, being exposed to porn as a young kid growing up in Oklahoma and sexually active in his high school years, Jason’s path led to sexual addiction.  Jason married Shelley, but marriage didn’t solve his sexual addiction issues—Jason had multiple affairs and couldn’t see a way out.  He was bordering on suicide when Shelley, knowing something wasn’t right but didn’t know what it was, discovered Jason’s secret life of unfaithfulness and confronted Jason with it.

Through counseling, disciplined work, and tough accountability with a small group of men, Jason restored Shelley’s trust and she decided to stay in the marriage.  More than a decade later Jason is free from sexual addiction.  Today, having found tremendous redemption in their relationship, they have committed their lives to helping others.

Jason has a Master’s degree in counseling from Denver Seminary and is president of Redemptive Living, Inc., a counseling ministry that specializes in sexual integrity issues.  His counseling practice is focused on men and couples where the man has had sexual integrity issues.

Jason is the speaker at New Life’s Every Man’s Battle workshop each month, and Shelley is on the speaking team at New Life’s Women in the Battle workshop that help wives through their pain of betrayal when their husband have been or needs to attend the Every Man’s Battle workshop.

Jason’s first book, co-authored by Steve Arterburn, is Jason’s story of restoring trust with Shelley after hitting bottom.  It’s entitled, Worthy of Her Trust, published by Waterbrook Press, and was released in 2014.

Jason, Shelley and their 3 boys reside in Denver, Colorado.