When can I call the show to ask an on-air question?
The days we record and the number of shows we record vary. On recording days, we begin taking calls at 9:55 am (PT) and lines could stay open for up to six hours. If you call during a time when we are not recording, you will hear a message stating the next recording date so you know when to call back.

What is the phone number to ask an on-air question?

Do the hosts take off-air questions?
No, the radio hosts do not take off-air questions.

What if I cannot get through to ask my question?
You can always call our New Life Resource Center at 1-800-639-5433 and ask a question. They will be able to assist you with finding answers.

How do I make a comment about a particular show?
You can post your comment in the Make a Comment area on the Show Notes page.

Where can I find a radio station in my area?
You can visit our How to Tune In or listen online through from the show page.

How can I watch the New Life Live television show?
New Life Live is available to watch on NRBTV.