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1988 – Steve Arterburn founds New Life Treatment Centers (NLTC), a for-profit entity.

1991 – NLTC acquires the Fred Gross Christian Therapy Program, which has an inpatient hospital program in Buena Park, CA, and opens other inpatient treatment programs around the country.

1994 – NLTC acquires Remuda Ranch.

1994 – NLTC acquires the Minirth Meier Clinics.

1996 – Women Of Faith (WOF) begins with over 30,000 attendees in its first year.

1998 – NLTC sells WOF and Remuda Ranch, and spins off the Minirth Meier radio program as a non-profit entity, later changing the name of the radio program to New Life Live.

1999 – New Life Ministries becomes the official name.

1999 – New Life acquires the Calvary Rehabilitation Center.

2000 – The New Life Network of counselors is created. To date it has grown to over 940 counselors.

2000 – In November, Every Man’s Battle Workshops launched.

2001 – NLM begins its monthly giving program, Club New Life.  New Life supporters make an impact for Christ in the lives of many people.

2002 – Lose it For Life Workshops begin.

2003 – New Life sells Calvary Rehabilitation Center.  NLM continues to provide Christian substance abuse through its partnerships with top Christian chemical dependency facilities around the country.

2004 – Healing is a Choice  and and Every Heart Restored Intensive Outpatient Programs begin.

2005 – New Life delivers over 40,000 Every Soldier’s Battle kits.

2005 – Post workshop group coaching begins.

2006 – New Life Weekends launch across the United States.

2007 –  Every Man’s Battle makes national news. In February, a judge in Pennsylvania recognizes that in addition to punishment, a sentenced sex offender needed help so he ordered the man to read the Every Man’s Battle book.

2008 – New Life celebrates 20 years.

2010 – The Resource Center and Warehouse move to Richardson, TX.

2010 – New Life Live begins to air on cable television.

2010 – Every Man’s Battle celebrates 10 years in November.

2011 – Women in the Battle Workshops begin.

2011 – New Life hosts its first webinar.

2011 – New Life Marriage Workshops begin.

2013 – New Life and Steve Arterburn celebrate 25 years.

2014 – New Life launches a new online channel New Live TV.

2015 – New Life launches the wedared.com site, a 30-Day challenge for men to lead them on the path of sexual integrity.

2016 – New Life launches The New Life Leadership Institute at Bethesda Village, a year-long program to launch men into manhood, bethesdavillage.org